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Nikka enables high performance through outsourcing management. Our experience and global capabilities make us one the best in application outsourcing and business process outsourcing and bundled outsourcing. We believe application outsourcing isn’t about what you can subtract from a business. It’s about what you can add. Through application outsourcing, we industrialize application development, maintenance and support to align IT investments with a client’s strategic imperatives and can reduce costs by as much as 50 percent.

Application outsourcing can create new business value through optimization of application portfolios, improved ROI and decreased total cost of ownership—all while improving quality by 50 percent or more and increasing productivity by more than 40 percent. For more than 9 years, Nikka has worked with more than 600 organizations around the world to enable high performance through application outsourcing. Our services are multi-dimensional to meet your every business need.

We offer a wide range of application outsourcing services to help our clients achieve high performance. We support all leading packaged applications as well as custom and industry applications. We have the flexibility to support one application or an entire portfolio. Nikka tailors the business arrangement to help companies realize high value immediately and throughout the relationship. Whether providing a low-cost team of skilled IT professionals to support existing applications or engaging in a strategic engagement to drive higher-level business outcomes, Nikka can support an extensive range of IT needs.

What makes Nikka different? We are a reliable business partner and trusted collaborator. We have more than 9 years of experience in application outsourcing. Of Nikka's top 100 clients in the last fiscal year, 100 have been clients for at least five years and 87 have been clients for at least 7 years. Our superior global delivery capabilities enable standardized, repeatable services focused on improving application performance while fueling continuous improvement.

We are obsessed with performance—reliable, high-quality execution. We continuously refresh our work with clients through leading-edge research and innovations. And, with our specialized teams we can go beyond single-function solutions to integrate multiple processes, functions and towers.

Nikka takes application outsourcing to the next level, helping to increase value derived from limited IT investments. Some of the application outsourcing solutions Nikka offers includes: